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What a roller-coaster 2012 has been so far! As some of you may know, earlier last year I was accepted into the William Esper Acting Studio in NY, NY. Ever since I finished the movie Deadline, I have been planning and dreaming about going to the WES. My anticipated room-mate at the time and I met a guy who rents an apartment in NY for a low fixed amount. His apartment is in prime location in the upper east side and he was going to sublet it to us for a steal. I’m not going to go into all the details of this deal, but basically the day before we were supposed to fly out to NY I got a phone call from the guy that legal issues with the apartment had come up.

My parents were a couple of hours outside of Manhattan with an Expedition loaded with all of my stuff. I called my dad from Charleston to tell him that the locks had been changed and that the guy was flying up to try to sort it out. As you can imagine, I went into panic mode and started breaking down. It’s kind of difficult to make it in NY when you don’t have a place to live. The next 24 hours consisted of getting a flat tire in the middle of an intersection, my phone ringing off the hook, and calling everyone in NY that I know for advise and help. My parents got a hotel and started the fast action plan B.  I also need to add that my dad deserves a medal for being so cool calm and collected. It really was a testament to how one should act when faced with a huge problem.

I ended up changing the flights for a later time on the 3rd. My sister decided earlier in the week that she wanted to fly up with us instead of riding up with my parents. We were able to sit next to each other on the plane and she really liked having the window seat. This would be her first trip to NYC and she was super excited, I however was trying to figure out how the heck this was going to all work out. We arrived in the cold NYC air late that night and got a cab to 2 different hotels. I was hoping and praying that things would get easier and work out, which eventually they did. But things got a little rockier before resolution was found.

I woke up the next morning exhausted and unsure. I faced the intimidating fact that day one of acting school was the following day and I still didn’t know where I was going to be living. I went into action and figured out what route I would need to take from the possible apartment to school and back. I got to know the area of my school and the apartment– where to eat, where to buy groceries, dry cleaning, book stores, what trains to take etc. I love NYC and it is a great place to visit, when you are trying to figure out how to actually LIVE there it gets a bit more complicated.

Luckily, we were blessed with having only one day of zero degrees weather, no rain or snow, and even a few days with sun and minimal wind. Classes were great and I knew from day one that the WES was the perfect match for me. I was already being challenged and falling in love with the school. I had a meeting with my school about my situation and it went better than I could have hoped. They were so understanding and supportive. They advised that I take it one day at a time and they would do anything they could to help. And if worse came to worst, I could come back in the fall.

Over the course of the week, the litigation process of the apartment would be pushed back and back and back. Every day we woke up with “okay today is supposed to be the day” only to get a phone call telling us “actually it’s going to be tomorrow” or “in two days”. We began scrambling and searching for other apartments. I contacted a broker and before classes on my second day of school we went and looked at monthly sublets in order to buy us more time. Unfortunately, on such late notice and the intentions of only renting for one month, everything available was

A. Crappy

B. $2800 and up

Throughout the whole ordeal I prayed probably 10 times a day. I knew that NYC was where I was meant to be and I was excited and honored to be accepted in to the WES, but I didn’t understand why so many doors were suddenly closing. I prayed that we would know whether or not this was the right time and that what was meant to be would be.

So to make a long story longer, after being there over a week, our 3rd face to face meeting with the guy we were renting the apartment from, and pushing the deadline back again and again, he told us that it looked like the litigation process wouldn’t be settled until February. My parents decided that we had tried everything and that this must be a sign that now is not the time. Our hands were tied and its hard, (impossible) to find a place to live in just a few days. It didn’t make sense to stay when we had no guarantees that the apartment would come through in Feb and we didn’t have a plan B.

I am really sad and disappointed that the apartment didn’t work out first go around and that I have to delay my school, but I know there has to be a reason for all of this. I have been tested so much this first part of the year in my faith, drive, patience, strength, perseverance and humility. I feel like after surviving part 1 of NYC I am ready to face the challenges of the upcoming year and part 2 of NYC.

There are certain lessons and experiences in life that you can’t buy. I’ve never known someone that went to NYC and had to face what I faced (though I’m sure thousands have), yet I am still excited to get to go back in the fall. For part 2, I will be hunting for a apartment (knowing that the original apartment is unreliable) and I will be hunting for a room-mate. I am so thankful that my school will work with me and that throughout this whole ordeal that the only thing that was hurt was my bank account. It’s hard to walk into that city and not sneeze a thousand dollars.

Thank you everyone who has supported me through this and everyone that is continuing to supporting me. These next few months are going to go by fast and I am excited for part 2 of NYC and can’t wait to share! So here’s to the New Year and new challenges. With the right attitude and perspective a situation that seems horrible could actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise.