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I woke up this morning and was thinking about all that took place and everything that I learned due to the NYC trip. It really seems like something out of a movie. However, throughout all the madness, we were still able to log a little bit of family time. I wouldn’t call this trip a “vacation” by any means, but it had its shining moments. Like I mentioned before, this was my sister’s first trip to the big city so she had the most to experience. KJ fell in love with NYC from day one!

Plane on the way there & view from above


Dad took us to an amazing VIP lunch at the Food Hall by Todd English, located inside the Plaza Hotel. It was so yummy! KJ’s favorite was the dessert platter. There were so many delicious treats that we couldn’t even finish it!

One of the highlights was getting a chance to go to Hillsong church. The band was amazing. The line was so long to get in it went around 2 blocks. By the time I got in the door there was standing room only!

One of the many visits to central park. The anticipated apartment was only a few blocks from central park.

A very cold dad in this zero degrees weather, but still has a smile on his face. He is a VA boy and was a little out of his element.

Exhausted but smiling.


   One of KJ’s major highlights was getting the chance to have a photoshoot with a friend of mine & make up artist Chris Lanston. I didn’t go, but she had a blast and did a great job!


Part one of NYC is over and done with and there is a lot happening before part two. I will be going on a good portion of the 50+ city movie tour for Deadline. I will be posting details of that soon!

Thank you all again for your support. I am thankful that I overcame this test and even when things seemed hopeless, I knew that they were going to work out for the better.

So whatever you face this year, do not lose heart. Even the most challenging and hopeless of situations can work out for your higher good, if you have faith.